house rules

At nhow Amsterdam RAI we would like to guarantee a safe and pleasant stay to all our guests.

Please take a look to our house rules to help us to create this enjoyable environment.

  • Corridors, fire exits and emergency routes must remain clear of all obstickles at all times. It is not allowed to store any items outside the rooms.
    Smoking in nhow Amsterdam RAI is prohibited. This includes e-cigarettes. If any memeber of the nhow team finds evidence (smell of cigarette smoke is evidence as well) of people smoking there will be an immediate charge of €150,-. In case people continute to smoke the contract will be terminated and they are obliged to leave nhow Amsterdam RAI within the hour.
  • It is not allowed to burn candles, incense, oils or use any other such items that might cause the fire alarm to go off.
  • nhow Amsterdam RAI takes no responsibility for the costs and consequences of fire alarm set off by illegal burning of candles, incense, smoking or any other items that might trigger the fire alarm. For covering, removing or tampering with smoke detectors and the set offs of fire alarms caused by breaking the house rules there will be a charge of €500,- and immediate eviction from nhow Amsterdam RAI. If it results in loss of business for nhow Amsterdam RAI these costs will also be charged.
  • nhow Amsterdam RAI does not allow parties in hotel rooms or public areas without written permission by the Hotel Director. Not more than 2 people are allowed to sleep in a standard room. Max. 3 guests are allowed to sleep in a premium room and / or suite. All guests should be registered at the nhow reception due to safety regulations.
  • If rooms are damaged, left extremely dirty, smelling like smoke or vandalized in any other way, guests will be charged with: additional cleaning fee, costs of repairs and costs of labor.
  • If it results in loss of turnover for nhow Amsterdam RAI the costs will also be charged.
  • It is forbidden to apply nails, screws or any other objects to the walls, floors, ceilings or furniture. It is not allowed to move or remove fixed furniture.
  • Bringing illegal substances e.g., drugs and weapons inside the hotel is striclty prohibited and will lead to immediate eviction.
  • Please ensure you respect all members of the nhow staff and fellow hotel guests. nhow Amsterdam RAI is a safe and friendly tolorent environment, where everybody is to be treated with respect. There is a zero tolerance approach to bullying, intimidation, violence or abuse.
  • In the case prostitution is discarded, it will be reported to the police immediately.
  • nhow Amsterdam RAI, is not in any way liable for loss or damage of personal beloings. Every room has a safe which can be used free of charge, please store your valuable belonings in the safe.
  • nhow Amsterdam RAI is not allowed to provide alcoholic beverages to visitors younger than 18 years.
  • The hotel staff is entitled to intervene in case of (excessive) alcohol abuse.
  • nhow Amsterdam RAI will deduct any outstanding charge from your deposit.
  • It is prohibited to use the nhow/NH wifi network for illegal activities and/or to install private networks or routers.


nhow Amsterdam RAI
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The Netherlands
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