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nhow Roma

The Eternal City, ancient, but trendy, an stone empire, a Vespa, la dolce vita. Rome’s perfect duality is mesmerizingly captured in nhow Roma where old and new not only coexist but crash into each other with full speed, leaving a perfect artistic mess for its guests to see. Rome is More, nhow Roma is WOW

nhow Santiago de Chile

Surrounded by astonishing mountain views, nhow Santiago de Chile will be our first opening in South America. A hotel with a breathtaking design inspired by the Chilean awe-inspiring nature, from North to South, all its contrast and beauty. A sensorial and overwhelming journey from the majestic peaks of the Andes, passing through Atacama’s desert and down to Patagonian ice fields.

nhow Lima

This nhow hotel reinterprets Peruvian traditions, myths and rituals -with an unexpected contemporary twist- by merging them with the new XXI’s century pop culture idols. Peru as you know it has been revisited in a design hotel flooded with colors and patterns. An invitation to an avant-garde dreamland where senses are elevated to unknown heights to leave a one of a kind impression.


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