Staying at nhow Brussels Bloom is like staying in an art gallery. Art, creativity and inspiration are part of our DNA. To live the theme ‘room for art’ each floor is decorated by another artist.


Let us tell you a bit more about them!


pictorial philosophy of the painter

Martinplastician says: “The world that surrounds us requires poetry, that’s why my paintings represent this reality. It is necessary to go further, to the other side, by embracing the feel of the material, the texture, the form, the color, the composition, the subject, much like words for a writer. Poetry is the genius of languages. It is the composition that gives meaning to the subject. There is aesthetics in Art, but Art is not necessarily aesthetic. It is necessary to change tools to realize an idea, a dream to share.”


Student of the School of Arts of Saint-Luc in Applied Visual Art and of the Academy of Fine Arts in Monumental Painting and Sculpture in evening classes in Brussels, MartinPlasticien renews his art and adapts to the modernity of a world that surrounds him. Man of matter and contemporary inspiration, he approaches different techniques to develop ideas that arise from his daily life. For his paintings, the artist works the “mixed technique” with acrylic paint, Compactuna, Posca, felt pen, oil pastel, ink, spray can … His pictorial art has been influenced by the paintings of Basquiat, Dubuffet, South American art, pre-Colombian art, Maya, Azteca, raw art. His work is often done in rather vivid colors.

Modern adaptation of a worked and timeless art, the Digital Art, his other medium, allows Martinplasticien to leave an indelible trace of an innovative art. The use of this medium gives rise to expanded inspirations that go in the direction of an artist who develops his thoughts in the darkness of the night. To the rhythm of the music, the artist unveils sometimes abstract pop-art works that lead to travel and spirituality. Pop Art is intimately linked to the spirit of an era in the context of an industrial and capitalist society that was born in the mid 50’s. Nowadays, Digital Art is accessible to all thanks to softwares such as PhotoShop, Pixart, and especially the new machines that print on different supports such as Plexiglas and aluminum. This, as a whole, makes us think of neo-Pop-Art.

Martinplasticien uses a rather unknown to the general public medium which is digital art or as he calls it: PopDigitalArt, which consists in making photos that he edits with softwares. He then obtains a file that he sends to his printer. The latter will print the image in color on the back of a Plexiglas of 5 m/m thickness. Then he chemically laminates a 2 mm sheet of aluminum on the back. This work is unalterable over time. The artist regularly depicts music personalities in a Pop-Art style and he also creates images from his abstract works. So, they are unique. Martinplasticien often works at night, because he feels that time stops and space expands, and he can fully enjoy this moment of peaceful solitude. Then time no longer exists.

Pol BARRUYER – Art Historian

take me home

There is no need to say goodbye to the wonderful art of MARTINPLASTICIEN when you check out. All his pieces shown in this hotel are on sale from € 590. So hurry yourself to the reception to get more info on these great art pieces.


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