Staying at nhow Brussels Bloom is like staying in an art gallery. Art, creativity and inspiration are part of our DNA. To live the theme ‘room for art’ each floor is decorated by another artist.


Let us tell you a bit more about them!

meet Enkaoua

The art that has run through Enkaoua’s veins for 5 generations.

The torch has been passed down from generation to generation. Art has been our passion and inspiration for over a century. Today, father and daughter proudly combine their art. Our only wish is to arouse an emotion in you, catch your eye or arouse your curiosity.


Galerie Enkaoua, a digital 2.0 gallery showcasing our unique works created by our father and daughter duo. Our family has been deeply rooted in the art world for several generations, giving rise to an artistic tradition that we are proud to continue.

My father, who was an accomplished artist, passed on his passion for art to me from an early age, inspiring me to explore different forms of artistic expression.

After his death, I began creating unique works of art to honor his memory and continue his legacy.


As for my daughter, she studied digital art for five years at the Leonardo da Vinci School. Her training and expertise in technology have enabled her to bring a modern and innovative touch to our artwork.


Together, we create diverse works of art that reflect our shared passion for art.

Each piece is carefully crafted to capture the essence of our creativity and love of art.

From classical painting to modern digital art, our works are a testament to our passion for artistic expression.

We are proud to continue our family’s artistic legacy and share our passion for art.

take me home

There is no need to say goodbye to the great art of Enkaoua when you check out. All his pieces shown in this hotel are on sale from €700. So, hurry to the reception to get more info on these wonderful art pieces.


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