Lana Arma

Staying at nhow Brussels Bloom is like staying in an art gallery. Art, creativity and inspiration are part of our DNA. To live the theme ‘room for
art’ each floor is decorated by another artist.


Let us tell you a bit more about them!

meet Lana Arma

Lana Arma is a French multidisciplinary artist. Born of Italian and Guadeloupean parents, she is sensitive and creative. Her personal history and the numerous discoveries she made during her travels, inspire her. She gives free rein to her art, which she defines as a crossbreeding. A bridge of communication between people and cultures.

Monochromes, sparkling colors or playing with shadows and lights, full and untied forms and lines, whether on canvases, objects, various materials or human bodies, her expression is a mix of cultures and practices.

A single objective defines her work: to build expressions that bear witness to life, to start from the simple and to work towards the complex, from the puzzle piece to progressively unveiling the whole picture, from the fleeting scene of a moment to describing life, from the single line to saying what unites us all.

Lana is inspired by nothing and is constantly renewing herself. She paints by listening to her heart and wants each artwork to be unique and original.

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There is no need to say goodbye to the great art of Lana Arma when you check out. All her pieces shown in this hotel are on sale starting from €80 till €300. So, hurry yourself to the reception to get more info on these wonderful art pieces.


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