Monsieur Mollotov

Staying at nhow Brussels Bloom is like staying in an art gallery. Art, creativity and inspiration are part of our DNA. To live the theme ‘room for
art’ each floor is decorated by another artist.


Let us tell you a bit more about them!

meet Monsieur Mollotov

Born in 1979, Monsieur Mollotov grew up in the Paris suburbs of Val-de-Marne (94).

It all began with drawing: school portraits, faces, a feeling, an emotion… He started with black and white portraits, and then an avalanche of colors completed his art.

Being a very reserved person, art was immediately an escape for him. A way for him to feel alive through his sketches and to communicate with others. Moments when time stands still, a bubble in which the impossible doesn’t exist, where creativity knows no bounds.

He was then greatly influenced by artists such as “Le Caravage” and “Georges de la Tour”, and later by the world of graffiti and street art. He wanted to convey feelings through his few pencil strokes. Reproducing textures and nuances on a single sheet of paper… It immediately became a passion and much more. A passion that later became a matter of course.



It wasn’t until 2016 that he decided to take the next step. He fell in love with an airbrushed portrait by an artist he particularly admired. He loved the details, the style, the rendering, and he was so fascinated by it! It was an electroshock, the beginning of a new era.

Self-taught, he checked YouTube tutorials to perfect his art and pencil strokes. The technique evolved, but with hard work and perseverance, his style became recognizable. Gradients, airbrush volume, finishes, marker retouching and an explosion of color, all interwoven to give relief and power to his works.

Since then, one sound has echoed in his head like a broken record: “Never give up. Everything is possible and achievable”. That’s where Monsieur Mollotov gets his motivation! His ambition has always carried him along (sometimes) impassable paths, but he has always given himself the means to overcome the obstacles.


take me home

There is no need to say goodbye to the great art

of Monsieur Mollotov when you check out.

All his pieces shown in this hotel are on sale at €1100.

So hurry to the reception to get more info

on these wonderful art pieces.

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