Born into a family of artists, Géraldine Bage has naturally given free rein to her imagination, which has never failed her. Taking her first steps as a watercolourist, her insatiable curiosity led her to tame acrylic painting. She anchored her passion for the abstract and the waltz of a rich colour chart. Multicoloured bubbles, lines and transverse curves that inhabit and cut through space, anarchic splashes, inhabited by spontaneity that break the wise spherical codes, all intermingle. However, make no mistake, the motifs and colours reveal the ebb and flow of the artist, witnessing the kaleidoscope of her emotions as the work unfolds.


Mentioned in Artfabetic, Dictionnaire des Artistes Plasticiens de France et de la Francophonie, Géraldine Bage has participated in numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Belgium and abroad.


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