Veronique Dumont

Staying at nhow Brussels Bloom is like staying in an art gallery. Art, creativity and inspiration are part of our DNA. To live the theme ‘room for art’ each floor is decorated by another artist.


Let us tell you a bit more about them!

meet Veronique

A self-taught Belgian artist, Véronique has had a consuming passion for painting since 2012.

By dint of experimenting and having fun with materials and colors, she has developed her own techniques and created a whole abstract universe, full of colors.

Halfway between Art and Design, she has become a Photo-Painter!


the birth of a gem

It all happened by accident: a cap from a tube of paint falling on her palette, causing an unexpected mix, new shades of color, an original relief.

Completely charmed, she grabbed her husband’s camera and captured this little treasure from every angle and out of curiosity. She then enlarged it on Plexiglas.

My first gem was born!  Since then, she hasn’t stopped creating, creating, creating… and sharing! Share with you the wonder she feels every time she creates.


Embark with Véronique in this mysterious universe, offer yourself a moment of escape!

Why gems? Because they are originally very small creations, which contain real treasures: an energy, a movement, an atmosphere, sometimes a whole galaxy…


But the richness of her gems is the specific reactions they cause and the emotion they convey!

Welcome to her universe.

take me home

There is no need to say goodbye to the great art of Véronique Dumont when you check out. All her pieces shown in this hotel are on sale. So hurry to the reception to get more info on these wonderful art pieces.

her passion

Captivating the eye.

Capturing the ephemeral.

Playing with textures.

Mixing colors.

Enlivening the space.

Reflecting the light.

Lighting up the stars.

Sharing the pleasure.

Discovering THE nugget.



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